According to an official announcement from E!

As Opie has neared and passed his 1year old birthday mark his coat has started to shed its puppy fluff and I have had tumbleweeds of red hair blowing around my house. In fact its SO bad that it has broken my vaccum 2x! I was brushing him EVERYDAY but apperently I wasnt brushing well enough because he developed 3 mats around his neck where his collar rubs, 1 behind his right ear and 1 on his back hip. I felt like an awful doodle mommy and I took him into the groomers friday.

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Victoria Nielsen Picture EditorVictoria has more than 12 years experience in photo editing. She started her career working with paparazzi photos, before moving into the world of magazines and online. Whether it news or celebrity related, she loves letting an image tell the story .

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