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How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X

Instead, the iPhone X, XS, coque iphone 7 XR uses a new and different button pressing combination to snap screenshots. It equally simple as what you used to use for snapping screen captures of iOS devices, but because it entirely new it may take coque samsung note9 a bit of getting used to before the new screenshot method coque samsung galaxy s4 mini gt i9195 becomes habit for iPhone X series owners.

You might want to practice it a few times to coque samsung galaxy trend 2 lite sm-g318h get the coque galaxy s10e antichoc hang of it.

You must press galaxie s7 edge coque the Volume Up button and Power button concurrently to take a screenshot of iPhone X, XR, XS. When the screenshot is successful, coque iphone 5 you will hear the familiar shutter camera sound, then see a little thumbnail of the screenshot preview appear in the bottom left corner of coque samsung galaxie trend the screen.

The coque samsung j6 cdiscount Power button personnaliser coque samsung galaxy grand prime is on the right side of the coque samsung galaxy trend s7390 iPhone X, coque samsung j3 original XS, XR, and the coque samsung s5 disney Volume Up button is the topmost button on the left side of iPhone X, XR, XS (it the button, disney iphone 11 case not the little mute switch).

Some people refer to the Power button coque galaxy tab a7 as the Side button or coque samsung galaxy 6 edge the Lock button, whatever you want to call the button the functionality is the same and it is a required step for taking a screenshot on iPhone X, iPhone XR, iphone 11 case for girls or iPhone XS.

A quick warning: do aicek coque samsung galaxy a3 2016 not HOLD the coque galaxy j3 fleur Power button and Volume Up button coque samsung j5 2015 silicone for too long, because it will quickly attempt to trigger the Shutdown screen and the Emergency SOS feature. So beware of how that. Just a quick simple concurrent press of Power and Volume Up will snap the screenshot without doing anything else.

Notice while still using a dual coque samsung galaxy tab 2 button coque samsung s9 antichoc press procedure, this is different from screenshotting iPad coque galaxy a3 2016 fille or screenshotting iPhone models prior to iPhone X. It also worth noting that the process of taking screenshots with iOS 11, kawaii iphone 11 case iOS 10, iPhone 7, coque iphone 8 iPhone 8, coque iphone 7 pas cher or iPhone 8 Plus was adjusted ever so slightly (at least in perception which coque samsung grand neo required a minor behavior adjustment for some coque samsung galaxy grand prime boulanger users) but remained the same with Home button and Power button pressing, whereas iPhone X, XR, XS is completely new behavior with a new button press.

And in coque samsung galaxy s3 gt 19305 case you were wondering, screenshots from iPhone X and newer are a substantial resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels, making a large and tall image.

Enjoy taking your screen shots with iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone coque samsung s9 plus personnalisé XS Max,