And imagine how this newfound stream of information

NFL players are more likely than men in general to be charged with drunk driving or abusing their partners, but the difference is not enormous and could reflect the amount of scrutiny to which star athletes are subjected. Horrific wholesale nfl jerseys from china high profile cases like that of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, who has been indicted for three murders, or Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, who murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself in the lobby of team headquarters, may suggest that NFL players in general are violent and deranged. But the arrest rate overall in pro football is slightly lower than among young men in the general population.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Hey man, it’s a part of history, we gotta preserve it!In the wake of the sport’s biggest spectacle, I wonder if there’ll be another attempt to span that bridge between football and anime. It’s clearly worth doing, because the actual players love anime! Ex NFL tackle Brennan Williams is an outspoken fan of the medium, and my very own Patriots have their own anime club. These old plans for positioning Eyeshield 21 on a league website would seem to hint that the NFL want to cultivate a crossover audience, though the eventual “let’s make an animated series for NFL fans!” would lead to the confusingly named NFL Rush Zone, which is not only not as good as Eyeshield 21, it isn’t even really as good as Where’s Huddles?, Hanna Barbera’s attempt to recreate the Flintstones formula with pro football players. wholesale nfl jerseys

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