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As the graphs show, concussions have increased from the first year of data to the last year of data collected. Over the span of all the data from 1996 to 2012, concussions have not necessarily had an exact linear trend as I had anticipated. The r squared correlation of 0.555 is not very convincing.

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Is a bit overblown, I believe. I definitely disappointed. You take the fans out of it, you might as well not have the tournament. SiriusXM’s 24/7 college sports channel, ESPNU Radio (channel 84), will air a live special on the draft’s first and second nights. Starting at 7:00 pm ET, host Rhett Lewis will talk with a number of SiriusXM’s college analysts to get their reaction to the first round selections, discuss their college performances and predict the impact they may have for their new teams. Listeners will hear from former coaches, players and others including Danny Kanell, Brock Huard, Chris Doering, Rick Neuheisel, Mark Dominik, Jon Jansen, Anthony Herron, Evan Moore, Jacob Hester, Ben Hartsock, AJ Hawk and Bobby Carpenter..

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