Are you kidding? I think Its only a matter of time

This Sunday, Sept. Army Corps of Engineers shows a crack in a concrete sill on a boat lock on the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River that connects Oregon and Washington at Cascade Locks., Ore. A critical lock has shut down for repairs, meaning barges that shuttle millions of tons of wheat, wood and other inland goods to the Pacific Ocean for transport to Asia can’t move.

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Goode Jr., a longtime incumbent in southern Virginia. Goode has not conceded the close race and has 10 days to ask for a recount. Calls to his spokesman were not immediately returned. When he said ‘mid cycle adjustment.’ 2. We’re data dependent. 1. As a young man, Theo is Hobie business partner, as proper and formal as if he had been raised by the Barbours. Elgort has been fine in films like Baby Driver, but he has never shown the subtlety or depth he does here. Theo smile is charming but enigmatic, that of someone guarding more secrets than ever.

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