As the steric bulk of the 7 alkoxy functionality is decreased

Haigh, David Mitchell (2005) The study of ring opening metathesis polymerisations of strained bicyclic monomers mediated by well defined ruthenium complexes. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.7MbAbstractWhen 7 alkoxynorbomadiene monomers are subjected to Ring Opening Metathesis Polymerisations (ROMP) mediated by Ru(_2)()(_2)(=h) (A), regeneration of the initiator is observed. As the steric bulk of the 7 alkoxy functionality is decreased the extent of regeneration observed decreases accordingly (7 tert butoxy: 27 %, 7 isopropoxy; 18 %, 7 ethoxy: 8 %, 7 methoxy: 3 %).

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