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Related Terminologies Words

Atelier (N.) [uh teh li yay] bague homme argent et carbonne A private workshop or studio bague femme 150€ where designers, seamstresses and assistants work to create garments and other fashion items is called an atelier.

Bespoke (N.) [be spok] A type of clothing or accessory bague femme titane that is specifically designed and made according to the taste, requirements and/or body measurements of a buyer is called bespoke. Also see made to measure.

Big four (N.) [big fohr] The four fashion weeks New York, London, Milan and Paris are collectively known as the big four. The big four are the most notable amongst bague femme 3 ors fashion weeks, receive the most press coverage, tresor bague femme set major fashion trends, usually consist of the most number of fashion shows and some of the most popular fashion designers and ateliers of our time showcase their designs bague homme argent triskel there. iphone 11 case review Also see bague homme argent vintage fashion week.

Bridal wear (N.) [brai duhl w air] A category of clothing and accessories that are made for brides to wear during, right before and right after the wedding bague homme argent avec pierre bleu ceremony is called bridal wear.

Buyers (pl. N.) [by uhrz] A collection of fashion enthusiasts, merchandisers or stylists who are interested in buying fashion products, usually at a fashion bague femme rare show are called buyers.

Casual wear (N.) [ka zhoo uhl w air] A type of clothing or accessory that is worn during daytime or a casual occasion is called casual wear. Casual wear includes jeans, light weight fabrics, tee shirts, etc. Also see formal wear.

Catwalk (N.) [kat wok,waw k] 1. A narrow ramp or walkway bague homme argent spartiate extending from a stage towards the audience, used by models to walk at a fashion show is called a catwalk. Also runway. 2. The style fashion models use to walk on the runway during a fashion show is called catwalk.

Color forecasting (V.) [kuh luhr fohr kas ting] The process of bague femme galeries lafayette predicting what colors will be popular in fashion in the coming season(s) through thorough analysis of fashion weeks, historical data, industry trends, etc. is called color forecasting.

Couture (N.) [koh toouhr, koo ] A collection of clothing that is completely hand sewn bague homme argent cuir and uses high quality sewing techniques, exquisite fabrics and unique designs is called couture. Originated in Paris, the term couture is typically used by high fashion bague femme gothique houses to describe their collections presented twice a year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter on the bague homme argent et pierre fine runway, consisting bague femme louyetu of formal, evening and wedding grandeur de bague femme us wear.

Cruise collection (N.) [krooz cuh lek shuhn] See resort collection.

Design brief (N.) [dih zahyn breef] Design brief is a document containing a set of requirements set by a buyer, consumer or company bague femme argent avec zirconium head for the fashion designers that help guide the designing process.

Ethical clothing (N.) [eth i kuhl kloh thing] Clothing that’s produced keeping in mind the welfare of animals and the workers is known as ethical clothing.

Evening wear (N.) [eev ning w air] A type of clothing or accessory that is worn during evenings, typically at a party, wedding, formal event, etc. is called evening wear. Evening bague femme van cleef arpels vide dressing wear includes gowns, cocktail dresses, suits, tuxedos, etc. Also see formal wear.

Fair trade fashion (N.) [fair treyd fash uhn] Fair trade fashion refers to a fashion industry where there are good bague homme argent working conditions for the employees. This includes decent environment, fair wages and not promoting child labor.

Fashion house (N.) [fash uhn hous] A bague femme taille 60 company or entity that designs and/or makes garments and/or accessories and sometimes also beauty products is called a fashion house.

Fashion show (N.) [fash uhn sho] An event wherein a fashion designer or fashion house presents their clothing and/or accessories collection either ready to wear or couture collections to fashion industry, buyers and media is called a fashion show. Almost always, fashion shows have models walk down the runway wearing and showcasing the products. Also see fashion week.

Fashion trend (N.) [fash uhn trend] A popular style of clothing, accessory, hair or makeup, etc. coque iphone xs that is worn or used commonly by the public, celebrities or fashion influencers, or sets an aspiration for fashion of the season or particular period is called a fashion trend.

Fashion week (N.) [fash uhn week] A week long event in which fashion designers or ateliers present either ready to wear or couture collections to fashion industry, buyers and media through fashion shows is called a fashion week. Also see fashion show, big four.

Formal wear (N.) [for muhl w air] A type of clothing or accessory that is worn during formal occasions such as weddings, black tie events, corporate offices, etc. is called formal wear. coque iphone 5 Formal wear includes business suits, cocktail dresses, tuxedos, suits, etc. Also see evening wear.

High end (ADJ.) [hai end] High end is a term used to denote a fashion product, designer or company that is of high quality, and/or appeals to sophisticated customers. iphone 11 case for girls High end bague homme argent avec diamant products are almost always pricier than mass market goods.

Kids wear (N.) [kidz w air] A category of clothing and accessories designed to be worn by babies, toddlers and/or children is called kids wear.

Kitsch (N.) [kich] A product or design that is popular despite being considered “ugly” or of poor taste by experts in the industry is called kitsch.

Knitwear bague femme rafinity (N.) [nit w air] A type of clothing that is bague femme xl created by manipulating a yarn to create the fabric is called knitwear.

Label (N.) [lay buhl] 1. iphone 11 case The trademarked name of a fashion house or designer is called a label. star wars iphone 11 case 2. A piece of fabric sewn to a fashion product that has the name or logo of the fashion house or company is called a label.

Made to measure (ADJ.) [may d tuh meh zhuhr] An item that is designed and created according to the body measurements of a wearer or customer is called made to measure. Also see bespoke.

Market analysis (N.) [mar kit uh na li sis] The process of examining fashion market in detail to research consumers, buying choices, industry size, existing brands, etc.