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The Top 30 You Need to Know

Superhero comics are hardly sexism freethese days, but there’s no denying this isa great time for female superheroes. Wonder Womanmade a huge comeback this summer, Kamala Khan is one of the most popular new superheroes of the decade, andeveryone seems to be obsessed with Harley Quinn despite the Suicide Moviemovie being kind of a mess.

To help you get acquainted with some of the best female superheroes, we’ve put together montre automatique bracelet cuir homme a list of our favorites. They run the gamut from weird vintage characters (Ma Hunkel) to modern fan bracelet cuir homme couleur faves (America Chavez), and several of them bracelet femme personnalisable have their own screen adaptations in the works.

The original Wasp, Janet van Dyne, was one of the founding members of the Avengers. Like Ant Man, her suit allows her to shrink to a tiny size, although she’s amazon bracelet femme armed with a couple of extra powers: insectoid wings and energy blasts. In her private life she’s often portrayed as a collier or rose messika renowned fashion designer, and her marriage to the original Ant Man Hank Pym is sometimes depicted as abusive. Michelle bracelet cuir homme ebay Pfeiffer plays her in Ant Man and the Wasp, sadly relegated to a supporting role after Janet’s daughter Hope prix collier or homme van Dyne adopted the Wasp persona.

27. Invisible Woman (Marvel)

Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, is an icon of the Marvel Universe, although she rarely appears as a solo character. As a key member of the Fantastic Four, her superpowers include invisibility (of bracelet femme cartier course) and the ability to create force fields. In some ways, her characterization plays into traditional gender roles. As Mr. Fantastic’s wife and Johnny Storm’s brother, she can be overshadowed by her male teammates. Her powers are often interpreted as passive because they’re more attuned to protection than aggressive combat, and several of her storylines involve unwanted romantic attention from characters like Dr. Doom.

26. Katana (DC)

Katana is a master swordswoman whose blade, the Soultaker, contains the soul of her dead husband a rare example of a dude bracelet cuir homme breton being fridged to give his wife a tragic backstory. The Soultaker sword collects the spirit of every person it kills, allowing a certain amount of communication between their ghosts and the person who wields the blade. Often appearing as member of superhero teams like the Birds of Prey or the black ops squad Outsiders, Katana received her big screen debut in Suicide Squad.

25. Faith (Valiant)

First appearing in Valiant’s superhero comic Harbinger in 1992, Faith returned bracelet cuir homme 26mm as a solo hero in 2016. Her superpowers (flight, force fields) are pretty run of the mill, but fans love her for her relatability. In a genre that often caters to a target audience of nerd boys, Faith collier or et onyx is very much a nerd bracelet cuir homme noeud girl. Like Kamala Khan, she’s explicitly into fandom. She’s also the only plus size superhero with any real name recognition, providing much needed representation in a genre dominated by restrictive beauty standards.

24. Starfire (DC Comics)

Alien superhero Starfire is bubbly, eccentric, and often depicted as a sex symbol.

A truly modern subversion of the superhero genre. She’s a hard drinking bracelet femme turquoise private detective with super strength and a dark past: She used to be a traditional costumed superheroine named bracelet femme tom hope Jewel but dropped the persona after being brainwashed and abused by the mind controlling supervillain Kilgrave.

20. She collier or et ambre Hulk

Why isn’t there an Ally McBeal style legal dramedy about She Hulk Seriously, she’d be perfect for it. She Hulk is an irresistibly fun character with a unique role in Marvel comics: lawyer to the superhero community. She shares her cousin Bruce Banner’s Hulk powers, but unlike him, she retains her bracelet cuir homme porsche original personality after hulking out. She represents a kind of cheerful, optimistic heroism that’s kind of rare in modern superhero media, and her ongoing bracelet cuir homme besancon TV show celebrates that legacy. It’s arguably a better adaptation of the Superman mythos than the Justice League movie franchise, bracelet cuir homme festina benefiting from a healthy dose of family friendly feminist themes. As for her role in the comics, Supergirl’s vintage back catalog includes some delightfully wacky storylines, like that one comic where her horse turns into a dude and they fall in love.

16. Elektra

This deadly assassin exists on a knife’s edge between hero and villain, not exactly evil but hardly an altruistic role model either. Armed with her trademark sai a pair of triple pronged daggers she often appears alongside Daredevil, with whom she shares a tumultuous love story. She’s one of the few women superheroes to get her own solo movie, although we prefer her depiction in Marvel’s Netflix franchise, both montre bracelet cuir homme noir due to Elodie Yung’s sensitive yet menacing performance and her thoughtfully redesigned costume.

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14. Kate Kane (Batwoman)

Batwoman has a rather ironic origin story, given her later role in the collier or feuille comics. She first appeared as Batman’s love interest in the 1950s, shortly after the publication of Seduction of the Innocent, a book that accused Batman of collier or jaune maille anglaise homosexual propaganda. In recent years she was rewritten to be gay herself, a controversial decision that led to some problems of its own. While her comic’s creators wanted her to marry her girlfriend, DC Comics nixed the decision by saying heroes “shouldn’t have happy personal lives,” a dubious statement that sounds pretty ridiculous in the context of, say, Superman. Despite all this, she’s undoubtedly the bracelet cuir homme a faire soi meme most high profile lesbian superhero around, with a key role in the Bat family.

Squirrel Girl is officially the most powerful character in the Marvel universe, and unofficially one of the most fun girl superheros. Born with squirrel related powers, Doreen Green has a giant, bushy tail bracelet cuir homme personnalise and can communicate louis cottier montre automatique oversize bracelet cuir homme with squirrels. Her recent solo comics are a cult favorite due to their genre savvy humor, and she’s about to star in an ensemble TV sitcom called New Warriors.

11. Ayo and Aneka

These fearsome freedom fighters met and fell in love as members of theDora Milaje, the all female squad of highly trained warriors who guard the king of Wakanda. They act as antagonists in the current Black Panther series, but they’re definitely not the bad guys. It’s a complex story that positions them as vigilante heroes, protecting civilians during a time of political upheaval. And while they aren’t technically acknowledged as female superheroes, they definitely qualify due to their heroic role, distinctive costumes, and nickname: the Midnight Angels. It’s just too bad their solo series, World of Wakanda, was canceled in 2017…