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First, you need to list all of your normal expenses and group them into categories. Mandatory expenses include things like mortgage, utilities, car payment, insurance, and taxes. One mandatory expense that is often overlooked is retirement savings. Chargers made a serious run at Brady, but, barring a change of heart by the quarterback, the team believes it is out of the running for him, Trotter tweeted. Been saying for two days I believe the Chargers are the best fit for Brady and I still believe that. But I told the Brady camp has led the Chargers to believe he is going to stay back east because of family considerations.

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We trying to move on and win games, because we know he watching over us every time. It isn easy to abandon football in Tipton. High school football is everything, says Stewart Wolf, a construction worker drinking a Bud Light at the Skylight Bar on Tipton block long downtown.

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