By virtue of being based on the same GPU architecture

The winning attitude is not about what other people think or say, it is not in appearances, giftedness, or skill . Each and every day we have a choice, its all about how are we going to embrace the day. Do you choose success or do you just settle for the status quo..

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Reed plans on boycotting the NFL this season because no team has offered a job to ex San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose peaceful protest of police brutality during the National Anthem last season sparked a firestorm. It not just that teams haven extended an offer to Kaepernick, once one of the most promising signal callers in the league, who led the Niners to a Super Bowl in 2013, and threw an admirable 16 touchdown passes, against just four interceptions, for an undermanned San Francisco team a year ago. No team even invited him to training camp for a tryout..

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