China mourns quake victims

China mourns quake victims

A US military plane carried out a humanitarian mission over the area and personnel evacuated some 700 people on Wednesday, after waves of powerful aftershocks hit, the US military said in a statement.

“I believe the presence of many survivors from the quake indicates it was severe and severe,” President Obama said.

The US Pacific Command said it was operating out of the USS George Washington shipyard in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is also on the scene, the commander of the US Pac우리카지노ific Command in Hawaii said.

US military aircraft and vessels have been preparing to launch relief operations for the quake victims since Tuesday.

Image copyright EPA Image caption A statue of President Barack Obama was toppled over by the tsunami on Wednesday in the Pacific Ocean – as it did in Japan after the 2011 earthquake

Image copyright EPA 우리카지노Image caption Several people were rescued from the aftermath of the quake, including a 10-year-old boy

Japanese officials say that almost 1,000 people were rescued by a helicopter on Wednesday from the Fukushima area of northeastern Japan.

Most of those stranded in the area were Japanese citizens who needed medical treatment after suffering the fallout of the earthquake, they added.

Most of the casualties in the area were people from Fukushima Prefecture, who live near the plant, and not residents from the neighbouring Shikoku prefecture, their officials said.

A total of 20 of the injured people were taken to hospital for treatment.

There is ongoing concern that further earthquakes, or even an increase in them, could damage the health and infrastructure in Japan, which already suffered several aftershocks.바카라

On Wednesday, a tsunami warning was declared in a 20km-wide area just off Fukushima Prefecture,