Come on Law Enforcement get with the program!

It should be clear to all by now that the only issue that matters to Rush and Newt is that of abortion. Sotomayor has ruled in favor of pro life groups a sufficient number of times. That coupled with her being a Catholic gives the religious right hope for overturning Roe v.

Thomas Frank, writing in Harpers, once wrote of a popular t shirt he sighted while picnicking in a small West Virginia coal town: it union or keep it in the ground. The idea, of course, is that the corporations interested in resource extraction do not care whatsoever about their workers health, safety, or well being; the union had their interests at heart, and was able to negotiate for safety, job security, and so on. I like to see a similar t shirt or bumper sticker emerge among scientists and space enthusiasts: Mars democratically, or keep it in the sky..

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canada goose outlet locations in toronto It’s not only Germany that’s just one perfect example. So Germany, as you say, would literally not be able to heat its homes. Remember, Chancellor Angela Merkel just said no nuclear after Fukushima, she said the country was going off nuclear. What message does this sent to victims who are still in a place of exploitation?. Could it be you get away from the traffickers you will be treated as a criminal and locked up That what traffickers and child abusers say to children to frighten them in oder to get them to say nothing. Come on Law Enforcement get with the program!. canada goose outlet locations in toronto

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