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Fake coque samsung a5 2016 strass Cybersecurity Certifications to Avoid

Employers and professionals constantly fall victim to fake certifications. This can lead to undesirable consequences, especially when dealing with “certified” cybersecurity professionals. custom iphone 11 case It dawned upon me that coque samsung s6 edge rossi not all credentials are created equal when I was building my company’s training plans in Bangalore, which included programs in diverse fields of Big Data, Cybersecurity and even AI. The ensuing research led me coque samsung galaxy s4 mini licorne amazon to many fake organizations that were simply unrecognized and most of them claimed to be US organizations, when sadly, they are all not!

This made me realize that many had been fooled into thinking that these fake credentials will help them in their career. The truth is, they do coque huawei p smart 2019 riverdale not. I am sharing this research for the community so coque huawei p8 lite 2017 disney pas cher that innocent cyber enthusiasts are not hoodwinked into coque samsung s2 personnalisable pursuing any of these worthless “certifications” when it is not even worth the paper it is printed on.

In my research, I found that what separates real certifications bodies from the “look a likes” are 10 Key Factors. Anyone that wants to pursue a certification, should look at these criteria before deciding to pay a single dollar:

Accreditation Standard Are they self accredited or is there a global body accrediting them coque samsung a3 liquide Such as ANSI/IEC/ISO 17024. Any company that does not have this is simply dishing out paper without a global standard, period!

Real Jobs Do any of these “certs” have real jobs associated with them Do a simple search on major job portals before you pay a single penny.

c)Does the United States Department of Defense recognize them They are one of the few military organizations coque huawei p smart avec des ananas that actually select world class certification providers. Check out the vendors approved under the Department of Defense Directive 8570/8140.

Global Followers How many coque samsung j3 2016 rose pale (real) people actually display coque samsung j3 2016 game of throne their credential on Social Media like LinkedIn. Just look at how many people follow the company.

“Real” Global Training Calendar Do they have a real calendar or are they dreaming up global cities and just adding them to their website to make them auchan coque samsung galaxy j5 look global Are they guaranteed to run Are there real testimonials Speak to some of the coque samsung galaxy core prime peinture past attendees so that you know these are real people.

Do they have a real global workforce or are coque samsung j5 2016 3d they based personnalise ta coque samsung galaxy core 4g in just one country This is one of the best test to determine if they are a global company.

Do they have qualified Instructors Who are their instructors Are they qualified Do they have real world coque samsung a3 2016 moto experience What about their evaluation score

There is also coque samsung galaxy grand prime personalisable another good article on this topic that you can read here.

With these criteria in mind, I am coque huawei mate 10 lite porte carte listing the most bizarre of all, fake cybersecurity certification businesses that are completely fake. coque iphone xs (Feel free to research this and coque huawei p10 lite noel come to your own conclusions)

Top 3 Fake Cybersecurity Certifications in 2020For example, while doing my research I came across an institute namedwhich coque huawei p8 lite 2017 motifs offers courses in cyber security. coque iphone 7 pas cher Their profile attracted me and they looked very genuine to me, at first. coque iphone 8 pas cher But this did not last long. When I started digging more I found some weird stuff. The institute was also in the business of awarding awards to restaurants! When I started to look at the accreditations the company coque samsung galaxy gran held, I couldn’t find anything. coque iphone 8 They call themselves as an Accreditation institute, but they are not accredited by any government agency in the world to do that.

I also found this company selling these certifications while having a side business of selling donuts, coffee, free pirated movies (via their Rocheston coque samsung j3 2016 avant et arriere TV).

If coque samsung galaxy grand prime chaton this was not ludicrous, I came across one of their videos online where they showcase their courseware.