Coque huawei p8 lite 2017 citation Galaxy S10e versus iPhone XR benchmarking showdown coque huawei 9-coque iphone 5c silicone licorne-imsnku

The next phone to slide across our desk is the Galaxy S10e, the lower cost flagship from Samsung. Watch, as we pit it etui coque samsung galaxy core prime against against coque huawei p8 lite 2017 one piece Apple’s own budget device in this latest showdown.

iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10e

We ran a slew of coque huawei mate 9 aliexpress different benchmarking tests with both coque pour galaxy j5 phones, designed to test everyday performance, the limits coque iphone 8 of the GPU, browser capabilities, and coque huawei p10 lite wish more.

The tests

To kick things off, we started with the Geekbench 4 rest which runs a series of tasks that attempt to simulate real world usage. Our iPhone coque huawei p8 lite 2017 electro depot XR used coque huawei p20 lite design only coque iphone 5s nike for testing purposes, and coque huawei mate 20 lite sfr not a “daily driver,” blew away coque huawei p20 riverdale the S10e on the single core with a score of 4821 against 3416. Multi core was coque samsung galaxy a300fu less decisive. The S10e earned coque huawei p10 maroc 10517 and the iPhone earned 10374, just barely falling behind the coque huawei mate 9 porsche design 8 core Snapdragon.

Lastly, our coque huawei p20 pro kenzo final graphics test was the GFXBench benchmark. Here, the iPhone’s integrated GPU was able to get coque huawei p10 lite citation 2373 frames in the latest Aztec Ruin (High Tier) test and coque samsung galaxy grand2 38 FPS. The same test on the S10e only personnalisation coque huawei y5 ii showed 1662 frames, 26 FPS. This is much lower than the S10+ earned. Additionally, we consistently got “out of memory” warnings on certain coque huawei shot x tests when coque pour galaxy a3 2017 running on the S10e.

Who to pick

As we were with the S10+ benchmarks, the results were impressive. The iPhone still performed well despite its relative age.

The results here are impressive both coque huawei p20 lite adidas handsets. Apple’s iPhone held its own, winning in multiple categories on the browser side being six months old. On vente coque huawei p8 lite the other hand, the Galaxy S10e pulled some great coque huawei gr3 coque galaxy j5 2016 marbre 2017 tunisie numbers that show significant growth over the previous S9…