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If you’re a regular reader, then you’ll know that I’m not a big fan of Apple’s Lightning cable. Now I’m the first to admit that I’m more bull than ballerina when it comes to how I handle my gear, but I’d really expect a cable that retails for $20 ($30 for the 2 meter variety) to last more than a year.

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Before you all start shouting at me, I know I could have made a pilgrimage coque iphone xs max chantier to my coque huawei y5 ii emoji nearest Apple store, plead poverty (I am, after all, coque iphone xs dubai a Mac owner), and probably got a free fnac coque huawei mate 10 lite or replacement cable. But my nearest Apple store is a good 90 minutes away, and walking out coque huawei nova 2i with just a cable would feel so wrong. Also, without it my iPhone’s battery starts counting down the minutes until it’s dead, so it’s not something I can coque huawei p10 lite rugby live without for long.

And anyway, I’d much rather a cable coque huawei p8 lite 2017 harry potter that lasts than have to landfill one every year.

The folks over at MOS read about my predicament and offered to send me one coque coque iphone xs max supcase huawei p20 pro original of their durable cables for testing. I admire their bravery, because I take any company’s offer of sending me something billed as “durable” as a challenge.

This is a lightning cable like no other I’ve used.

First off, the cable itself feels tough. It features a woven exoskeleton jacket and a more robust inner insulator. It’s slightly stiffer than coque huawei p9 fluo a regular Lightning cable, but that is a feature because it coque italia iphone xs means it doesn’t get darty coque huawei p smart into a tangle.

Then there’s the carbon steel spring strain relief on each end protecting what I see as the most vulnerable bit of a cable. The constant handling and bending is what destroys a cable, and this spring takes the strain instead of the cable.

Finally, each coque huawei p20 lite verte connector has a brushed aluminum finish, which not only looks good, but also adds durability to the cable. It also has a positive feel to it when inserting and removing the connectors.

And if all that is not enough, the cables are MFi coque iphone xs max ultra resistante (made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) certified by Apple (so you know they work, unlike some of coque huawei p8 lite 2017 verre trempé the cheap rubbish out there), and every cable comes with a lifetime warranty in case things go coque huawei p9 lite loup bad.

I’ve only had the cable for a few days but I’ve started putting it through its paces, and cdiscount coque huawei p smart 2019 so far I’ve not really put a coque huawei y5 2 totoro dent in it. I’ve trodden on coque iphone xs superdry it, rolled coque huawei p8 lite jack daniels over it with my office chair, thrown it about, kicked it about, yanked on it, stretched it, and generally ill treated it coque huawei y 3 far beyond what coque huawei p8 lite galaxie I’d do to a normal cable, and it still looks (and, more importantly, works) like new.

Over the coming months I’m going to put this cable through its paces, and I’ll report back to you on how it coque huawei telephone stands up to daily use. But right now, based on the fit, finish, overall quality, and the durability it has displayed, I have no problems recommending it.

The MOS Spring Lightning coque huawei p8 disney cable comes in lengths ranging from 1 foot to 10 foot, and prices range from $19.95 to $39.95. There’s also a micro USB version for Android users…