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iPhone 8 may pack Smart Connector for coque iphone 8 nasa 7032antenpascher5201 coque iphone 7 renault sport augmented coque iphone 8 disney silicone 7032antenpascher5897 reality

Israeli tech blog The Verifier claims that Apple will add a Smart Connector to the upcoming iPhone 8. Not only will coque bumper mirroir iphone 6s commandokieffer30769 the port allow owners to charge their coque iphone 11 zadig et voltaire 823iphone112723 iPhone while using the Lightning port for headphones or other accessories, it will supposedly connect to coque iphone 7 occasion 7032antenpascher4500 augmented reality coque iphone 11 pro max crenshaw chronicles the album mixtape accessories.

Wireless Charging and AR

Last year’s rumors leading up the launch of the coque grip iphone 6 commandokieffer31849 iPhone 7 also claimed a Smart Connector manchester united wallpaper coque iphone 7 360 souple 51pg5 was coming to that device. So verre trempe coque iphone 6 commandokieffer33887 treat this rumor with a coque iphone 7 politique 703antenpascher2383 heavy dose of skepticism until there’s some solid evidence.

The report coque iphone 11 baterie 823iphone116995 claims that Apple decided to pull the Smart Connector from the iPhone 7 berserk iphone wallpaper 165 because AR and VR tech wasn’t quite ripe enough yet. Augmented reality features have been rumored for the iPhone 8 achat coque iphone 7 703antenpascher3081 and The Verifier’s sources say the Smart Connector will play a key role.

Wireless charging rumors have been floating around meilleur coque iphone 7 plus antichoc 628antenpascher3677 the iPhone 8 for a few months now. Inductive nike adidas wallpaper 63gs8 charing through a Smart Connector may be seen as a disappointment by some fans, but it could coque iphone 11 femme marque 823iphone113423 be packaged in a solution that’s more elegant than using a big charging pad.