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At BIP, we specialize in helping clients VERSUS VERSACE Cover iPhone 8 Nero Bianco – Quaranta Boutique unearth, protect, manage and utilize intellectual property your business’ advantage. Our team has helped many companies at various stages of IP awareness uncover their intellectual property and take advantage of it for business purposes.

Aimed at unearthing unidentified intellectual property, our IP mining service helps clients generate an inventory of protectable IP. This is then rated against business interests of the flip cover samsung 6 edge company. This exercise also custodia samsung a8 helps clients build and strengthen custodia originale samsung s6 Celly Custodia a Libro iPhone 6 Plus 5.5" Flip Wallet Onda Bianco their IP process. Once our client reviews and analyzes the identified intellectual property, custodia samsung a6 BIP’s team of attorneys steps into BACK COVER IPHONE 8 BIANCO the fray to help a company protect intellectual assets useful to its business. Our team works closely with clients to understand business goals, and devise protection strategies in line with them.

Once intellectual property is registered/protected, BIP’s team of highly qualified portfolio management experts help the client manage the IP portfolio effectively and efficiently. Our proprietary processes and tools, business insights and legal dynamics allow us to help clients build and manage highly effective intellectual property portfolios.

BIP also has an especially custodia cellulare samsung j3 skilled custodia samsung s3 mini licensing team, which helps clients identify potential licensees and strike licensing deals. Our team of IP attorneys have the credit of converting several disputes and conflicts into partnerships and licensing opportunities.

BIP also has a strong litigation management team, which helps clients plan, manage and implement litigation strategies to further the business goals of our clients. With the primary objective of protecting our client’s business interests, our team custodia per samsung a3 2016 advises and helps clients enforce their IP rights, custodia samsung j3 amazon and retain a competitive advantage.

BIP’s strategic planning, technology landscaping, patent custodia flip mapping and other related services help clients build well planned IP portfolios and custodia samsung galaxy note 10.1 edizione 2014 utilize them for optimal business benefit. Our team of IP attorneys and business experts specializes in helping clients make the right IP investment decisions and recoup returns from their investments.

BIP also helps clients assess and mitigate intellectual property risks through risk clearance opinions and reports, strategic risk management, freedom to operate reports and product launch reports.

Overall, we, at BIP, stand with clients throughout the intellectual property lifecycle and help clients use IP as an effective business tool. From helping clients create intellectual property BACK COVER IPHONE 7 PLUS BIANCO to commercializing IP assets, our team works closely with clients at every step and takes pride in helping clients gain business success from their intellectual assets.

Why BananaIP Counsels

BananaIP is the only firm in India to perform more than a hundred IP Audit/Mining exercises to help clients uncover intellectual assets, and make strategic protection decisions;The firm’s team of IP attorneys specialize in helping clients custodia samsung ace 4 maximize value from their IP protection;BananaIP has the credit of creating licensing and business opportunities from Ukayfe Cover iPhone XRCustodia [Adsorbimento Magnetica] + ebay cover samsung galaxy ace plus intellectual assets;BananaIP is the only firm in India, which offers professional IP services with the goal of helping clients gain business advantage;The firm’s IP advisors, attorneys and agents bring to the table, extensive business experience, unparalleled insight into IP law, and credit of creating business value for numerous clients, and are among the leaders in the field; andBananaIP is the leader in IP Cover morbida Benjamins con stampa fiori colorati sfondo a righe strategy, IP consulting, and other business driven intellectual property services…