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WhatsApp has become one of the primary needs custodia samsung a7 of our lives! All of us are using this Facebook flip cover samsung duos 2 owned giant chatting app for all our needs, whether it is chatting with your friends, family members, or MARVEL AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover distant relatives, and also businesses. But well, Whatsapp is loaded with a lot of features and nasty tricks that will enable you to make the most out of it.

In today post, we will discuss some useful Whatsapp tricks, as well as some hidden tricks that will make you a Pro Whatsapp user. Here are the tips and tricks that we will learn today. You might know some of them, but you might find a few new tricks too. So, check them out:

Whatsapp Group Video Call up to 8 People:Create GIF Images on Whatsapp:Hide cover samsung edge s6 plus your profile picture:Schedule Messages on come mettere flip cover samsung Whatsapp:Hide Blue Ticks on Whatsapp:Get shortcuts to specific conversations:Know When He Or She Read Your Message:Format Texts (Bold, Italic):Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts in One Device:Tag Friends in Group Chats:Message Someone Even Who Blocked You:Enable Two IH INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover Step Verification on WhatsApp:Enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp: (Officially)Pin Someone Chat on Top:Read Texts Without Activating Blue Tick:Star Whatsapp Messages:Send a message to multiple people without forwarding:Delete Sent Messages on Whatsapp:Last Words:

So, to reveal all those stunning features, we decided to make thisWhatsApp Tricks post. Here, you can know and phone cover samsung 6 apply all those simple s view cover samsung a3 Tricks that you make you a PRO cover samsung s5 per ricarica wireless WhatsApp user. On 25th April 2020, Facebook announced that they are doubling the number of simultaneous callers for Group Video Calling. Earlier, you can only call 3 more people together in a Group Conference. But now, you will be able to Video call 8 people together. This was a necessary feature, as it allowed more people to connect together and share the same screen.

To get this update, make sure you are on the latest version of Whatsapp Beta app. Signup for Whatsapp Beta and then update your existing Whatsapp. You will be able to access group video calling up to 8 people cover samsung 3 note from May 2020 onwards.

back to menu JORDAN NEBULA GALAXY Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover Create GIF Images on Whatsapp:We all know that we can send GIF images in our WhatsApp conversations.

But, do you know that WhatsApp allows you to create a GIF image within the app. The LION KING SCAR MUFASA DISNEY Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover only way to create GIFs GOLDEN FRIEZA Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover here is to cut videos. You can send it to any contacts and can store them on the phone. So, here isthe real way to do it.

Go to the chat where you want cover samsung gts 7500 to send a GIF, be it a group or private conversation.

Tap on the icon. Pick Gallery and look for the video that you want to make GIF from. Select the video.

Now, cover samsung galaxy s 2 tablet you will see the video editing screen. WhatsApp supports length only up to 6 seconds for Video to GIF. So, adjust to the particular 6 seconds for GIF. When you s view cover samsung galaxy s4 mini set the 6 seconds length, a GIF option will appear. Tap on it.

The GIF is ready now. Send it and enjoy it!

back to menu Hide your profile picture:Don want to show your WhatsApp DP (profile cover samsung g313 picture) to everyone Then, yes, you can do it.

Suppose, you are added to some groups. There are some unknown people out there, and you don want to show your profile pic to them.

Then, go to WhatsApp Settings > Account Privacy > Profile Photo.

Choose whether you want to show to everyone, no one, or only the contacts. cover samsung a5 2017 clear view That it.

back to menu Schedule cover samsung 7500 Messages on Whatsapp:Have you ever thought of scheduling WhatsApp messages before reading throughthis article Probably, the answer is NO.

Even my answer could have been NO if I hadn used the WhatsApp Plus from GB Mods.

Yes, you need to downloadWhatsApp Plus APK and install it.

Open > Enter a mobile number > Verify it by OTP.

Then, go to Menu. the next screen, tap on the Menu icon > Schedule. Now, a screen will be there, like in the image below.

Choose the contact, type the message, date, time, and how many times. Then, tap on That it.

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back to menu Hide Blue Ticks on Whatsapp:The cool looking blue ticks sometimes put us in trouble. Occasionally, we miss MORTAL KOMBAT 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover to reply to someone even after reading them either knowingly or being busy or mistakenly.

GFs and BFs, especially :p need to hide those ticks. As many times a little delay in replying messages after seeing them causes BIG troubles. They know that we have read cover samsung s5 unieuro their messages but not responded. That why you need to hide those Blue cover samsung s5 queen Ticks.