Despite the violent demonstrations

raptors set for matchup with the timberwolves

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Follow CNN(CNN)Haiti’s Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant jack wholesale jerseys yupoo resigned Saturday amid violent and deadly protests sparked by a proposed plan to raise fuel prices, according to President Jovenel Moise.Lafontant resigned before Parliament, which was due to host a vote of no confidence, Yves Germain Joseph, the general secretary of the National Palace, told CNN.Lafontant, who took office in February 2017, informed Moise of his resignation by letter. Moise accepted the resignation, Joseph said.Moise said on Twitter he would address the country Saturday night “in a special edition on the National Television of Haiti.”The controversial plan to raise fuel prices would increase the cost of gasoline by 38%, diesel by 47% and kerosene by 51%.American Airlines, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines also canceled flights to Haiti last week because of the protests.One group said burning barricades prevented them from reaching the airport in the nation’s capital, Port au Prince.Jody Flowers, the lead minister from Chapin United Methodist Church, in South Carolina, was stranded with 13 members of cheap patriots jerseys his church until they returned Monday. Despite the violent demonstrations, Flowers expressed some sympathy for the protesters.”When you think about the fact that some Haitians make just $5 a week and the government wants to increase the price of gasoline by 38% that in and of itself points to the reason for the unrest,” he said. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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