Doubt cast over wagga mayoral election after complaint of’sensitivity’ | Read more

Doubt cast over wagga mayoral election after complaint of’sensitivity’ | Read more

If an elected mayor were to resign because of a political disagreement or legal problem, his or her position as mayor would be automatically suspended until the matter was resolved.

Under an informal settlement signed in October by council and the union, the council will give up all bargaining rights and the mayor will retain his or her council seat. In return, the union will guarantee council that there will be no conflict of interest, the statement said.

The union was not immediately available for comment.

The statement also stated council would have no choice but to vote against the offer because of the “serious” legal problems it would face.

Council had originally voted to allow the agreement to be signed by a majority vote – the only way to avoid a legal challenge by the union. The move is seen as the council’s biggest symbolic move since the resignation of Joe Fontana following an ethics investigation in 2009.

The proposal had been seen as short-sighted in light of recent events but it’s unlikely to affect city council at the upcoming council election in April.

Culture Minister Jim Watson called the union’s latest offer “nothing short of unconscionable” because it could affect the council’s ability to negotiate an improved deal.

“The mayor’s position as mayor has been clearly and 우리카지노unambiguously the exception, the norm, and the exception that has governed council’s work for years. This latest statement – without a basis fact – shows just how cavalier some council officials have acted, in this matter, in the past – in their disregard of the c우리카지노ity’s interests and the interest of the residents of Auckland in a healthy,