Duncan said he began playing the guitar because it was the

My kids loved going to storytelling activities at bookstores as well as the library. I bought five books to be signed the last time I went to one at Rakestraw Books in Danville. I’m going to try to buy books at bookstores whenever I can so that they remain in our community.

uk canada goose Officials say three Toms River camp counselors have been suspended and the state is looking into a mother’s complaint that her son was badly burned when he and other campers were made to sit on hot blacktop as collective punishment for messing up an art room.”The three program counselors involved in the incident were immediately and indefinitely suspended,” read a statement issued Wednesday by Toms River Township, which operates the day camp providing day care, recreation and other activities for children age 6 11. “The incident is under investigation internally and the Township has been informed that it has also been referred to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s office.”No additional information about the counselors, the campers or the incident was provided, and the statement referred questions to the prosecutor’s office.A spokesman for Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying the case had been reviewed by the office’s special victim’s unit and no criminal charges had been filed.”It was alleged that camp counselors instructed the child to sit on black top and the child suffered burns to his hands as a result,” the statement read. “At this time, this matter does not appear to be criminal in nature, as there was no criminal intent associated with the actions of the camp counselors.”However, the statement said the incident was under investigation by the state Division of Child Protection and Permanency.A spokesman for the child protection agency declined to comment.”Pursuant to confidentiality rules that govern our work at the Department, we can’t confirm or deny our involvement in any investigation around child abuse or neglect,” the agency spokesman, Jason Butkowski, said in an email on Wednesday.The boy’s mother, Sandra Rodriguez Santora, posted pictures on her Facebook page Monday showing her son’s reddened hands following the blacktop incident earlier that day. uk canada goose

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