Even they get it wrong though, it’s said so in Ootp

Like we enjoy people like him and 2GD because at the end of the day this is a fucking video game and we like the fun side of it. While the upscale production value can be cool at times i would prefer the summit style over ANYTHING. Just a bunch of dudes hosting a lan party/tournament in their house and hanging out.

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cheap hydro flask Or people hiding their gear lazily in general. I was on Shoreline the other day and found a whole bunch of dead PMC and scav bodies scattered going down the stairway. Whoever survived it tried to hide the gear and did a terrible job because their stuff was just half assedly thrown a few feet from the bodies in easy to see/reach places. cheap hydro flask

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Next are the false ribs. These three pairs connect in the back to the spine, but in the front they attach to the seventh true rib, which is the last rib that connects to the sternum. Last are the floating ribs, and these two pairs of ribs are attached to the spine like all the others, but “float” in the front without being attached to the sternum or any other rib..

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Agreed. Instead of being objective or neutral a lot of the major news networks decided to cover each candidate as equally bad. The NY Times gave more coverage to Hillary emails than all of her policies combined and many of the major networks were similar.

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It’s just the neighborhood village but it’s completely without supervision and who knows if the kids would decide to go outside it (in Hogwarts you can’t really leave without permission or flying do to the gates) and there are adult wizards around some of whom can be a bit odd type like the ones in Hog’s Head and wizards can be potentially a lot more dangerous than just your average muggle village hydro flask lids, in the worst case scenario.And I think they knew a thing or two hydro flask sale, they clearly could read the skies. Even they get it wrong though, it’s said so in Ootp. But I personally think a war with dead bodies and giants and bewitched people who did not know what the hell they were doing vs a angsty teen who had a loyal friend and a loyal library, plus a whole lotta shit going on with people getting cursed and bitten and jinxed and some shit with Dumbledore and Snape going on in the background andIf that didn’t light up on their radar like a neon fucking stop sign then I’m a flobberworm.MaimedPhoenixLord Huffle of the Puffs 1 point submitted 1 day agoI can actually answer both.