Everything south and west of lake simcoe (basically the

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look these up That definition doesn’t fit what’s going on here. As a league you treat each trade separately. The understanding can only be that a promise to trade back is not enforceable and is only a good faith agreement between the two teams and each team understands that risk.

I created two images in Registax: one using wavelets to sharpen the planet, and one with wavelet layers 1 3 totally cranked in order to bring out the cheap jerseys big and tall moons. Then I brought them into GIMP with the moons on a separate layer, removed the extremely over exposed planet and used the levels setting to further bring out the moons. Adjusted contrast and brightness on the moons, and saturation and exposure on Saturn..

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Onatrio is harder because of the great lakes. I say everything north and west of sault ste marie should be one big sparsely populated state. Everything south and west of lake simcoe (basically the penninsula between the great lakes) could be another.

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