Gentle couch potatoes who need to be together! Previous owner

Bacon’s design drew wide praise, but also criticism. The Illinois chapter of the American Institute of Architects passed a resolution calling Bacon’s design “purely Greek and entirely un American.” Sculptor Gutzon Borglum complained, “We are about to spend $2 million upon a cold, classical meaningless temple” with no mark outside about the humble man it memorializes. “Into the middle of that,” he said, “we are going to drop a statue of Lincoln” and “upon the doormat we are going to put ‘Lincoln Memorial.’ “.

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A pair of 6 year old spayed and neutered labs whose owner has passed away needs a home. Gentle couch potatoes who need to be together! Previous owner wants them to have access to house, and they have been house dogs. If they are not adopted out together by the time the house sells, the dogs will be euthanized, per the will instructions.

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