He didn have a sense of humor

former Principal Frank DeAngelis is still learning how to move on

(CNN) Frank DeAngelis stood in his home office, his hair graying over his ears, and pointed to each frame on the wall, telling the story behind the mementos he collected over the last two decades.

There are letters from President Bill Clinton, another from President Barack Obama and one from Vice President Joe Biden. There a photograph of Frank with Clinton, another of him with Hillary Clinton, and one of him beside Celine Dion.

The torch holder he carried for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City is mounted near a matching newspaper clipping. And there an autographed photo of baseball great Derek Jeter, wishing Frank well in the run up to his retirement in 2014 as the principal of Columbine High School.

a little bit of history, Frank said.

Even still, 20 years after two students stormed the Colorado campus, killing 12 students and one teacher, Frank DeAngelis is inextricably linked to Columbine and tothe eventthat has come to mark a horrific and ongoing chapter in America saga of school massacres.

At first, he was bound by a promise to stay at the helm until every student who been at the school that unimaginable morning had graduated. Then, he expanded that vow, remaining until every local child who been in class that day, down to preschoolers, had earned a diploma.

Since stepping away from the principal office, he has continued his commitment to collective recovery and expanded his canada goose outlet sale flock far beyond Columbine High School.

Five years after retiring, the 64 year old is as busy as canadian goose jacket ever, traveling the country to shepherd principals and communities that have fallen victim to the canada goose scourge of school shootings. It the latest iteration of an evolving role, however unwelcome, he has pioneered since April 20, 1999.

offers hope, Frank told CNN. that what I hope, 20 years later, that we doing, that we reaching out to other people the Parklands, the Santa Fes, the Sandy Hooks, the Virginia Techs. feel I was chosen to do that. he also given so much of himself to Columbine, several people close to him said. And with the 20th anniversary of the shooting and the publication ofa new memoir, Call Me De,’ wife, Diane DeAngelis, hopes he soon considers slowing down.

always comes to a head right before the Canada Goose Coats On Sale anniversary, she said. I just hope that with the 20th, that maybe this is the last anniversary that is as big as it is and that we can move on a bit. devoted educator faces the unthinkable

When Frank was 13, he got a job in a pizzeria. In canada goose outlet canada high school, he delivered newspapers. Frank parents taught hard work and dedication, and when he got sick, he canada goose factory sale hardly ever missed work.

Diane, who dated Frank in high school, said he was nice but very serious. He didn have a sense of humor. The couple spent all their time together, and while still in high school, Frank gave her a promise ring and said he wanted to get married. Diane didn want that, she said, so they broke up.

had no spontaneity I was so serious, Frank admitted. was 15 or 16 going on 30, canada goose coats on sale and canada goose outlet uk sale I had to plan my whole life out. so, Frank was unsure what he official canada goose outlet wanted to study in college, canada goose jacket outlet his brother said. But they had both played sports growing up, so when Frank told his brother he become an educator, Anthony DeAngelis assumed it was for the sake of athletics.

thought, probably going to be pretty good at this,’ Anthony said.

As with all things, Frank dove in deep. Early in his career, Frank principal once forced him to fork over his keys to the school for a weekend. said, do not want to see you around this school. Frank, you need to get away,’ he remembered.

Frank displayed that same commitment to each of his students and the baseball players he coached, said Tom Tonelli, one of Frank former pupils and a Columbine High canada goose outlet black friday https://www.londonbc.co.uk School graduate who went on to teach at the school.

was always: Be a good student, be a good athlete, but above all else, be a good person, said Tonelli of Frank expectations.

Still today, when Frank brother hands over his credit card at restaurants, servers often ask if he related to Frank, Anthony said. A waitress last year told him Frank had been her principal.

she goes, could talk to any of my friends. What we appreciated was canada goose outlet how he treated us,’ Canada Goose online Anthony recalled.

That sentiment holds canada goose outlet uk whether before or after the shooting, said Tonelli, canada goose outlet parka who was on staff at Columbine the day gunfire erupted.

I think the shooting transformed him? Absolutely, the teacher said. to say somehow he became a totally different type of person, I don think so. The character he exhibited in the wake of the tragedy is just a reflection of who he was before it happened. world didn believe in us, he did

Columbine High School serves a middle and upper middle class community in Littleton, Colorado, where the mountains cheap canada goose uk in the west rise into a wide open sky. Before the massacre, it was an community, Frank said, with a lot of parental support and where he count on my two hands the number of fistfights we had in 20 years. the shooting, Frank this enormous burden to go rebuild that community, he said. That when he made the promise to stay at Columbine until the Class of 2002 had graduated. Other staff members made the same commitment, he said.

But in 2001, Frank felt he hadn accomplished what he set out to do.

were so many people deeply impacted, even the kids in elementary school, he said. I made a promise that I wanted to be there until that last class graduated, which would be 2012. years after that, he finally left.

Frank promise to stay gave him much credibility in the community, Tonelli said. The faculty and staff, along with the students and the whole community, looked to him as a leader, as someone who was for a cause greater than himself. perception stuck, even in the face of criticism that the school administrators and faculty had fostered a student culture something like this could happen, Tonelli said, referring to the shooting and calling the claim notion there were certain segments of the population we didn care about was so untrue, the teacher said.

Through canada goose store it all, Frank meant canada goose outlet reviews everything, he said. was the biggest believer in our kids and in their teachers and in our community at a time when we felt like the rest of the world didn believe in us anymore. leader battles cheap canada goose darkness at home

But as he worked to help Columbine recover, Frank was also an ordinary survivor. At home, canada goose outlet store uk his heroic veneer vanished, giving way to the reality of post traumatic stress disorder.

tried to do everything to protect what I call the Columbine family, Frank recalled. when I would come home, I just wanted to be left alone. didn want to talk with his first wife and two stepchildren about what happened; they just didn understand the aftermath, he said.

cost me my marriage, he said. wife was saying, not the same person I married. You changed. And I did. I felt so much guilt. trauma manifested in other ways, too. Months after the shooting, Frank and his brother canada goose outlet jackets went to a Colorado Rockies game. When fireworks lit up the sky, Anthony said, brother nearly took cover. Later, Frank told Anthony the celebratory display took him right back to the attack.