House members scattered around the country because

I know he’s handled the tough times .” Scored 14 on the Wonderlic a year ago but shot up to 28 at the combine. “You love his size and arm strength, and a decent enough athlete,” another scout said. “Something about the way he plays doesn’t seem like he’s a natural take charge, see the field, feel the pressure type guy.”.

I know everybody else is. That’s just the mentality of the guys so far. You can tell.”. Reggie Bush, New Orleans. He’s not exactly threatening to take on Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson for the best RB in the league, but he still brings something to the table. Bush is the second back in New Orleans behind Pierre Thomas, but I’m sorry, Pierre Thomas is not an every down back.

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So, he’s always been talking about that during the season. All of the seniors have been working very hard preseason, during the season we just had to stay focused. We had to do whatever we had to do to get to that next level.”. House members scattered around the country because of the dangers of travelling and congregating in groups are returning to Washington. The chamber is expected to approve Pelosi’s package Friday in a largely party line vote. The smaller Senate has been in session since last week.

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