I always been a sucker for shows that mix side splitting

I say all this, because I wildly interested in how subjectivity differs here. Legion would suck if I didn feel the way I do about it, and evidently that the case for many people. I curious in someone elaborating what they thought was wrong with S2? As I mentioned, the summary of my perception of it seems to be, “no substance, too much style.” That doesn really say much to me, but after all I haven dug deep into the criticisms simply because I loved everything about S2..

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Fake Hermes Bags Somehow, one of the crudest, most vulgar and cynical shows on TV is the one with the most heart. I always been a sucker for shows that mix side splitting laughs with moments of melancholy and genuine sentiment (Scrubs, early HIMYM, etc) but I don think anyone played such extremes as You the Worst. Really really looking forward to next season.. Fake Hermes Bags

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