I watched people drift in and out of sleep

Sleepovers with strangers

We live canada goose clearance in strangely heady times. With flux as a constant companion, the heart mind is exposed canada goose factory sale to an ever changing flow canada goose of experience. Increasingly, a large share of these are to be had in public places in caf and bars, bookstores and shopping plazas, movie theatres and art galleries and not buy canada goose jacket to forget, as wired as we are, in the murky bylanes of cyberspace.

One such experience, canada goose outlet shop cheap canada goose titled Trouble Rainbow, is an installation and performance conceived by three young Swiss artists that offers participants an opportunity to explore boundaries between dream and reality. The art gallery is called Favourite Goods and is stationed at Los Angeles. The project began last Canada Goose Outlet year in Rome with a canada goose outlet shelter for an imaginary hermit. For its second avatar, the artists Claudia Comte, Athene Galiciadis and Nelodie Mousset transformed canada goose outlet uk the gallery into a modernist inspired dormitory The installation involves a series of sleepover events where people invited canada goose outlet canada to be part of the experiment and share whatever transpires. This was the requirement canada goose outlet sale for entering an environment designed to explore reality at its core. A space invoking instant Canada Goose Online intimacy for the entirety of 12 hours. We were there to literally dream, and to do so with whoever showed up.

In sleep we are at our most vulnerable human state: susceptible, in the light stages of slumber, to low level sensory processing. Sleep studies show that information can be apprehended without https://www.thebookstop.biz conscious awareness, and so, for one of these sleepovers, the artists chose to use music suited for sleep, sonically aware of the patterns, the drift stages between consciousness and unconsciousness. Over the course of the night, different pieces of music, interspersed by canada goose outlet store performances resulted in a fascinating flow of intimacy with strangers.

Day after, each sleeper experience varied. A designer said, didn sleep much. I watched people drift in and out of sleep, walk around the gallery rooms, whisper, speak, share confidences, even kiss perfect strangers and woke up to wind chimes and a breakfast of fruit. Even after the event was over, no one wanted canadian goose jacket to leave. Another participant said, are in this canada goose outlet black friday weird intimate situation uk canada goose with these people. You are sharing your bed with them essentially. Normally you wouldn be goose outlet canada in this altered space, a suspension of reality. You are so close, canada goose outlet store uk communicating different things than usual. The experience for most though was deeply enriching. Viewed sans moral policing and value judgment, experiences such as these can be immensely valuable in helping us tap inner worlds of dream and reverie, where reality meshes seamlessly with other canada goose outlet nyc realities. Trouble Rainbow III will be shown in Zurich at Galley Bolte in September. The stories that have emerged are not just canada goose outlet in usa fascinating but universal in the pain, the joy and the canada goose outlet uk sale longing.