In football, Year 7/8 (U13) girls have an intra school

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7a replica bags And while football has been an option for Foremarke girls for some time, another sport being timetabled cricket is completely new for them.Women’s football and cricket have each seen huge growth in popularity girls from Years 5 to 8 who went to Wembley to watch Man City beat West Ham in the FA Cup at the beginning of May were in a crowd of more than 43,000 and England’s victory in the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2017 has subsequently triggered significant increases in the numbers of women and girls playing this game.The sports have been introduced to the timetable at Foremarke in response to the growing national popularity of the games, and in keeping with Foremarke’s ethos of delivering a 21st century education.There has been an after school football club in Pre Prep (Y1 and 2) for five years and Years 5/6/7/8 have the option of attending a girls’ football club, and there is a mixed football option for Years 3 and 4.What is new is that football is now being offered as a summer term sports lesson option and the numbers that have already signed up show it is a very popular one; similarly, girls’ cricket is attracting plenty of players.For girls’ cricket, Years 3 to 6 have had it added to their sports sessions with Years 7 an 8 being given it as an option alongside tennis. The plan is to phase it in as part of the timetable year by year.Girls now enjoying both football and cricket at Foremarke Hall, Repton’s Preparatory School, will be competing against other schools over the next few months.In football, Year 7/8 (U13) girls have an intra school competition for all as well as some friendly fixtures against other schools; they came fourth in the regional Independent Schools Football Association (ISFA) competition at Stockport. Year 5 and 6 girls (U11) also have fixtures and have taken part in the U11 ISFA regional tournament at AKS Lytham where they came fifth.Commenting on the introduction of the two sports to the main timetable, former Birmingham City and Stoke City defender Ian Clarkson who is Head of Football at Foremarke Hall, said: “The girls have been very enthusiastic and the opportunities to participate in both sports have been well received.”There are pathways in both sports now and you can turn on the TV and see professional female cricketers and footballers. 7a replica bags

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