Independent community run cinema struggling to survive

Independent community run cinema struggling to survive

What they제주출장마사지 said “After having seen our films we decided it was time to start the first screening of their work at a private event in Scotland – we’re so grateful to you and everyone at the Ovation who has shown so much passion for the films.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’re looking forward to hosting포커 룰 them again!

“They have also been hugely supportive of us – everyone from the staff to the performers, and our supporters have been fantastic.”

The first screening is due to take place on Wednesday 21st November – the Ovation is also encouraging fans to take part by tweeting a #OvationScotland hashtag, sharing the film at work, or at a friend’s local cinema.

Barry Jenkins’ Ovation film “Mamma Mia” opens on Friday at the Ovation on Odeon, at the corner of Prenton Street, between 8pm and 10pm.

It 울산출장마사지will also play at the Royal Court Theatre,