Italian banks could spark next euro financial crisis

Italian banks could natyasastra.comspark next euro financial crisis

According to the BBC, “there is one risk for Ireland that banks in the eurozone and the wider world could fail this week as a result of the fallout from the Brexit vote in the UK.”

The country’s banking industry has been battered in the UK after financial market우리카지노 reaction to the vote was a mixed bag. But Ireland’s central bank said it would take a “full and thorough” look at the UK’s position.

“We will carefully scrutinise the consequences and assess what will work,” Carney told reporters at a press conference.

“I want to stress, however, that there is no risk in Ireland whatsoever that we could ever go back to a position of no UK banks.”

Stocks fell on the news of the ECB’s rate decision.

Britain and Ireland were already among the world’s biggest markets for banks when the vote in favor of leaving the EU was taken. But it has since expanded its financial market exposure and forced Ireland to cut costs.

A number of Irish banks have said they will cut costs and scale back investments as a result of Brexit.

The central bank, in March, warned that Ireland’s credit market, which has been hit by the decline in sterling, was at risk of collapse if the pound stayed above $2.

The United Kingdom has warned that더킹카지노 it wants to increase tariffs on goods coming into Ireland in the near future,