Locast: This free nonprofit service offers broadcast

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Cheap Jerseys china A Young Cubs FanI have heard my Dad tell this story a hundred times to his friends. I don’t know why he likes it so much. He came home from work to find me, maybe eight years old, crying. The games are airing on CBS and Fox, both of which are broadcast networks, so if you have an over the air antenna, that the easiest way to watch for free.But since you reading this article, you probably don have an OTA antenna.For viewers without pay TV credentials, your best bet is a stand alone streaming service that has CBS and Fox, most of which you can sign up for with a free trial.CBS All Access: This offers CBS only, but it a little bit cheaper. Find it here.FuboTV: This service has all three networks in many areas.Locast: This free nonprofit service offers broadcast networks in 16 cities. Find it here.Yahoo Sports App: This service lets you watch NFL games on your mobile device.ImpactImpactThis group will make sure swing state voters get a mail in ballot so they don’t have to risk in person votingImpactWhat it means for businesses to ‘build back better’ after COVID 19Impact78% of the unemployed believe it’s temporary. Cheap Jerseys china

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