Minister of Agriculture and Lands Steve Thomson and Member of

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kanken bags Ministry of AgricultureThe Governments of Canada and British Columbia are working together to help producers and processors maintain the health of their businesses by strengthening their traceability and biosecurity systems. Minister of Agriculture and Lands Steve Thomson and Member of Parliament Andrew Saxton Vancouver today announced the investment of $3.5 million dollars at Agriculture in the City in Burnaby.strong traceability system will help Canadian producers strengthen their businesses and get the premium prices their top quality products deserve kanken bags, said MP Saxton, on behalf of federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. Government is working with the provinces and industry to create a strong national traceability system that will help producers and processors minimize risks kanken bags, strengthen their businesses and continue to deliver their top quality, safe food to consumers at home and around the world.Province has been working with industry to build and implement traceability and biosecurity systems so we are ready to respond to animal disease and food safety issues, said Minister Thomson kanken bags.