My neurologist strongly recommended it when nothing else was

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It very unfriendly to people who have no experience with the Witcher series. It has a similar issue with the Warcraft movie, where it was clearly made by fans for fans and with love, but casual viewers were just left confused. The Witcher dumps a ton of names and terms every episode with loads of exposition to explain it.

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“Johnny, I wish we had become better ones but I was lucky to have known you and to call you my friend. You had a way about you that none of us will ever forget. I’ve always thought that the meaning of life is to leave a world that’s a better place.”.

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Personally, I really enjoy apartment living even though my coworkers and others knock it. I like having on call maintenance, no heating or water bill, an underground parking spot, and so much more. Don get me wrong there are tons of less than ideal apartments out there.

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