On the contrary they most certaintly are

The day Coetzee was attacked Dec. 7 they saw three little crocodiles on the water, just 3 feet long. It had been raining for two days, so hard they didn’t try to cook a meal. Shakil nAfridi is in jail in Pakistan for his role in the CIA operation that uncovered nbin Laden’s hideout in the northwestern city of Abbottabad, 60 miles (100 nkilometers) from the capital, Islamabad. N nWhile Afridi never got DNA samples from the bin Laden nfamily, his involvement in the covert operation that led to bin Laden’s death ncaused residents to look with suspicion on many vaccination programs. NDevastating for the polio campaign were the images of Afridi standing beside a nbanner promoting polio vaccinations as television commentators told of his collusion nwith the CIA.

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