Remarked, really strange in the US: you say nobody is guilty

Managing Detroit in 1972, the future George Steinbrenner punching bag was staring down the Yankees (among others) in a frenetic, four team AL East race. Losers of four straight and 13 of 18, Martin suspected his Tigers were tight, so he broke out a trick his minor league team had dared him to do a couple years prior: He put his pitcher ninth, threw the other eight names in his cap, and let fate fill out the lineup card. Slugging first baseman Norm Cash hit first.

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With McCain/Palin we’ve arrived fast forward in the christian biblical “Apocalypse”, with Palin as one of the four riders of doom promising christian Americans “Retribution” is coming soon. Soon as she gets to the WH. And it wasn’t so much that what she said was simply so stupid, it was that look in her eye.

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“It was sort of like moving around a Third World country, in many respects, if you were in a wheelchair,” Ms. Bristo recalled in a 2011 video interview. “It took me a while to really grasp that this was a matter of discrimination.” As she put it, it was not that her wheelchair was too wide for certain doors.

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