Researchers examined the bones of 131 pigs from four Late

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canada goose black friday sale Thousands of people gathered at Stonehenge on Thursday, June 21, to mark the summer solstice. “English Heritage welcomed approximately 9,500 people at Stonehenge, and the majority of those who came to celebrate the longest day of the year did so in a safe and peaceful manner,” said Supt Dave Minty of the Wiltshire Police.It clear ancient humans liked a party just as much as we do, and they went to some serious efforts to make them happen.The unique study suggests people travelled for hundreds of kilometres to make a Stonehenge party some 4000 years ago, coming from as far away as Scotland, northeast England and west Wales.That the conclusion reached by scientists who analysed the discarded bones of home reared pigs that are believed to have been brought to the massive gatherings.Researchers examined the bones of 131 pigs from four Late Neolithic sites serving the famous stone circle monuments at Stonehenge and Avebury. Chemical signals in the bones from the food and water the animals consumed identified the geographical areas where they were raised.Stonehenge is one of the best known prehistoric monuments in Europe, and the research provides a glimpse into its social importance among earlier demonstrates a scale of movement and level of social complexity not previously appreciated, explained lead researcher Dr Richard Madgwick, from the University of Cardiff.gatherings could be seen as the first united cultural events of our island, with people from all corners of Britain descending on the areas around Stonehenge to feast on food that had been specially reared and transported from their homes canada goose black friday sale.