Some 19 people were infected with the virus

Dive into conversations around race, faith, and this week’s headlines with the Revs every other Wednesday. When something happens in the world, you want their take on it. All Rev’d Up is produced by WGBH.. The Indian government issued ahealth alertin the southern state of Kerala inMay followingan outbreak of the deadly Nipah virus, a brain disease transmitted from fruit bats to humans.Outside of India, the UK is ranked 10th in a list of countries thatshould remain on alert for a potential influx of Nipah infected travellers, according to flight data modelled by EcoHealth Alliance.The New York based scientific research organisation monitors the risk of outbreaks for the United States government.After India, the other countries which need to be monitor the spread of the diseaseare the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Bahrain and Kuwait.The organisationlooked at direct and connecting flights from thefive airports nearest to the epicentre of the outbreak and worked out which cities and countries were most likely to receive travellers from the affected areas.Dr Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, said that while the immediate risk had now passed, countries such as the cheap canada goose UK should still watch out for possible cases.Some 19 people were infected with the virus, which spreads betweenhumans through contact with bodily fluids of affected individuals. The Indian government has monitored more than 1,000 contacts of those affected and confirmed that the disease has not spread.The disease is spread through the ingestion of fruit bat secretions, such as saliva. Residents in Kerala were told to wash hands thoroughly and not consume fruit or vegetables partly eaten by birds or animals.According to the Press Trust of India two of those who died were siblings in their 20s who had eaten fruit picked near to where they were building a home.

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