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QB: Jay Cutler(Chicago) Yes, Cutler seems to be made of cupcakes thanks to his injury history, but that is something that can be overlooked under the right circumstances. It was obvious last year that the hype about coach Marc Trestman’s offensive prowess was warranted. Cutler put up great numbers until he was hurt just past the midway point in the season and Josh McCown didn’t miss a beat (the pair combining for 4450 yards and 32 TDs).

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AM: What the coldest temperature you played in? JB: It was minus 25 degrees and absolutely freezing. The ground is frozen, so you playing on ice and being a punter, Cheap Jerseys free shipping you standing around, but I was right, I sat next to the heater. That when you start thinking about being home and being in the Australian sun and here I am freezing my backside off.

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