“Stiller found work on television including celebrity

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cheap nfl jerseys “We’d be performing with (Gladys Knight) and they’d be in the pool swimming with The Pips.”The couple decided to break up their act and pursue their individual careers in 1970.”I love Anne, but if I had depended on her in my professional life,” he told People magazine in 1977. “I would have lost her as a wife. We felt like two guys.”Stiller found work on television including celebrity games shows and “The Love Boat” as well as on Broadway.But it was being cast as the curmudgeon Frank Costanza on “Seinfeld,” which premiered in 1989 on NBC, that made him a superstar.Stiller said during an Archive of American Television interview in 2011 that he initially didn’t find the lines he was given very funny and had been given direction to play it meek opposite Estelle Harris who played his wife.But during rehearsal he decided his character should be as loud as Harris’s character and that’s when things took off.”Jason (Alexander, who played his son George Costanza) comes over and says ‘Don’t be afraid to hit me,'” Stiller recalled cheap nfl jerseys.