Greenpeace calls to halt granting of deep seabed mining lice control licences

Greenpeace calls to halt granting of deep seabed mining lice control licences

“This proposal would not be a very sensible initiative because, under the Australian Government’s land use파라오 카지노 legislation, the current deep seabed mining operation should not be allowed to be licensed in any context at all,” said Greenpeace’s Andrew Richardson.

“The proposed application in this case would apply for the very extensive seabed mining that is currently operating in the region and the huge, significant amount of oil currently found on the waters and beneath the seabed.

“That is simply irresponsible and shows a lack of understanding of the impacts of mining on seabirds.

“We’ve had people telling us recently they’ve never met an orange-necked seabird. In Australia we now know that the presence of seabirds makes the land and sea that the seabirds live on, in the waters of Australia, so highly vul포커nerable to mining activities and that people need to be doing more to protect these areas.

“At a time when governments are giving a shitshow about climate change and protecting the environment, it would be sensible to take a very strong step to protect the species and prevent their extinction.”

Greenpeace is pushing on with해운대안마 another petition with over 9,000 names signed, which calls on the Australian Government to stop grant of deep seabed mining licences that could lead to the loss of thousands of orange-necked seabirds.

We strongly urge you to sign this and support Greenpeace’s petition

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