Nsw north coast lifeguards warn of dangers around coastal creeks

Nsw north coast lifeguards warn of dangers around coastal creeks

Folks heading to Port Lincoln are being warned about the dangers around coastal creeks because of a severe lack of staff.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there were just 26 lifeguards on the beach, down from 75 in 2015, according to the North West Coast Lifeguards.

Northwest Coast lifeguards have advised people who go into the sea to check for creeks and seawall signs before entering.

“To have a creeks sign outside of the creeks can be very confusing to people because the signs do not tell people to cross a creek and go into a creeks,” NSW North Coast Lifeguards Superintendent Richard Tufnell said.

“You want to make sure you get away from the creeks and go straight into them.”

He said lifeguards in the region were working with the Bureau of Meteorology to create a plan to ensure people had sufficient information about water flow and the dangers of creeks.

“We need to go all out to make sure that people are aware that even in the city that they are entering creeks they need바카라 게임 to know what they are entering and the risks associated with it,” he said.

However, Mr Tufnell said if water levels were to fall on the coast the same day as a big sea level event, lifeguards would have to reduce the number of staff.

The probl엠카지노em has affected other areas of NSW, Mr Tufnell said.

The State Government’s Ocean Safety Program had been monitoring the situation and urged people not to go into creeks.

But Mr Tufnell said with the beach in poor condition, lifeguards were likely to see fewer people at beaches, which could also result in the beach getting crowded.

“The last two years there has been a huge downpour from a very unusual period of warm, very dry weather but it has left an enormous cr성남출장마사지 성남출장샵eeks sign across the coastline,” he said.

“I think it’s a great concern for us.”

‘A very big issue’

South West Coast lifeguards chief executive Wayne Taylor said lifeguards in the city needed more staff.

“The lifeguards are working out how to get the job done, and to get the job done it’s just a really big issue for us,” he said.

“We don’t want to have to reduce our staff numbers, so when we have a situation where there is a huge water source nearb