The collateral damage was immense

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I seen guys dressed in tuxedo suits, dresses, leather bondage, cosplay, fursuits, thongs, and costumes of all sorts. I also seen drag queens, leather Daddies, genderfucks, and everything in between. I danced next to guys that look like thugs until they trade you the most gorgeous kandi cuff and are the sweetest ever.

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At the moment, have Vecto > blue Sawyer adapter with white hard rubber washer > tubing 1 foot > same Sawyer setup as above with gray adapter. Issues: cannot disconnect Sawyer without inverting bag to remove blue adapter and replace orange Vecto cap. Awkward to remove blue adapter as you have the Sawyer and tubing attached.

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“leave the ER and almost certainly die” would seem to be coerced, IMO. I hope the ambulance takes me to a hospital with a little more respect for human dignity if I ever experience some horrible trauma!I work in mid level management at a large hospital in the food service dept and we are working on an app for mobile ordering. That is about the extent of my IT experience.But in that app I can see your credit card info, your full name, what kind of phone you’re using and guess what an active gps tracker for where you are in the hospital.

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