The mass production of penicillin in the 1940s nearly

The idea being to curb the drinking and narcotics use before it happens not wait and see who gets caught doing it. Who tax dollars are paying for all this anyway those breathalyzers are not free nor is the schooling to be able to accurately use one or the lawsuit that will come when you violate someone rights with it and its faulty results which does happen with operator error. Some poor diabetic child shows up going into insulin shock and you detain them for all the symptoms of being drunk and then they die because you wasted time jacking around with a breathalyzer test that they were to far gone or weak to blow into instead of calling 911.

canadian goose jacket The AMA gains and control of public health along with the quickening pace of medical advances in the first decades of the twentieth century significantly challenged the strength of irregular medicine. The introduction of the first antimicrobial drugs, known as sulfonamides, in the 1930s presented a significant breakthrough in the fight against infectious disease and paved the way for the antibiotic revolution in medicine. The mass production of penicillin in the 1940s nearly eliminated diseases that had plagued humans for centuries, including syphilis, meningitis, and rheumatic fever. canadian goose jacket

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