The nine person, mask wearing metal act from Iowa is performing

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medical face mask Musicians team up on bass Sunday at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids.What could have seriously disrupted a tour for a band with fewer members looks like merely a bump in the road for.The nine person, mask wearing metal act from Iowa is performing without one of its drummers, Shawn “Clown” Crahan medical face mask, who left the band tour over the weekend to deal with what singer Corey Taylor described as a “very serious family emergency.”So if Sunday night concert in Van Andel Arena attained only eight ninths of its usual volume, nobody in the spirited crowd (read: full of pent up rage and inclined to mosh and display breasts) seemed terribly bothered.The show was an exercise in finely calculated chaos. There is something weirdly cosmopolitan about how the band channels the impulses of its large membership two guitarists medical face mask, bassist, three drummers, a turntablist, a guy on samples and blends just about every variety of heavy music that has been devised over the past 30 odd years. sound tips its masked head to metals black, death medical face mask, nu, trash and core.About those masks medical face mask.