The son of Jamaican farmers, who grew up in Canada,

“I can’t wait to see what our future holds. All of my dreams have come true . It was 100 percent worth the wait.”. The rules of AFL impose many constraints on the tackler and the pay off amounts to less than the turnover of possession in soccer. The best comparison to US football would be Rugby League which favours more ‘hard hits’ than the more internationally renowned Rugby Union. I’ve yet to see studies compare the results but my impression is that the League player suffer significantly less brain injuries during their professional careers..

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Consider the words of a 15 year old American whose father tried, and failed, to convince him to play baseball: “Most of the time, I was in center field, wondering, ‘When is the ball going to get to me?’. Baseball players are thinking ahead all the time, always thinking of the possibilities ‘If I can’t get it to second, do I throw to first?’ Baseball is a bunch of thinking, and I live a different lifestyle than baseball. In basketball and football, you live in the moment.

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