There was only men’s or “unisex” clothing

In the last week we wrote: now seems that the uncertainties posed by this corona virus is spooking everyone across the globe as it keeps spreading. Fear of the unknown is often a bigger driver of bearish sentiments than any thing else. Currently we seem to be dealing with an unknown and that is proving to be difficult to handle The market had tried to rally from then earlier week low but that was given up swiftly as all the pending shorts got cleared out and with buyers not stepping forward, the market started to drift again.

I have no issue with Shawn Johnson talking about her training schedule. And I fully understand why it is discussed so relentlessly. The USA Gymnastics machine is countering the negative press out there about gymnastics the injury rates are sky high, the girls are generally very young when they engage in brutally rigorous training schedules, eating disorders are alleged to run rampant, these children train on broken bones and feel the pressure of being their coaches’ second chance.

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