They can also cross age gaps by forging the new

Bank robbery is harmless, profitable, and fun; if it’s carried out in the proper way. You see, you lose nothing when a bank is robbed, the money there is insured, and if there is a more corrupt institution known to man, than modern banking, then I’m dying to hear just what that institution is. I rank mass media, a monopolized institution of Ashkenazi Jews, only slightly second to banking, which is monopolized by the same..

On the other hand, models and actors, or anyone else for that matter, should think twice before allowing someone to take nude photos . You never know when that flattering photographer could become an blackmailing swindler and threaten to spread your photos online. If you aren willing to accept the consequences of such photos getting out, then you best not take them at all.

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That would be a shame. Model railroads of almost any type create remarkable spans across generations, as anyone who has seen a father and son or even grandfather and grandson revel in running an electric train around a track, past some plastic buildings and through even the simplest tunnels. They can also cross age gaps by forging the new world together, incorporating personal or family characteristics into the microcosm.

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