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Chaval, Hunt Alpine Club and Taco Escobarr are also doing cocktails to go, but I haven’t proxy tested them yet. All these test runs were in Portland, but several places in other locations are participating, such as King Eider’s Pub in Damariscotta, Old Vines Wine Bar in Kennebunk, The Front Porch in Ogunquit and Ada’s Kitchen in Rockland. Ask if they can serve the ice in a separate container if you don’t have your own at home..

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Some effects worked better than others, but it depends on your initial image, so it worth having a play around. One big thing in this app favor is that you can apply effects to existing photos, or even import some, rather than it just being an app that works with photos you take within it. You can apply multiple filters, and uploading to places like Twitpic is made easy too..

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