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wholesale nfl jerseys from china It is likely that some of these owners will remove the furniture and list (formerly Airbnb listings) on (our site.) place to look for former Airbnb listings is on other platforms such as Craigslist, where there are longer term rental listings such as for 30 days, said Andy Yan, director of The City Program at Simon Fraser University.thing to compare is (the number of rentals available in) this April Craigslist listings compared to last April, said Yan.Are there more of them?is the intermediate rental zone before being converted fully into a long term rental unit, said Yan.Rental rates charged on a monthly, but still short term basis, would be less lucrative than what a listing on Airbnb could command by the day or week, but perhaps a more realistic prospect in the current climate.Aside from more listings moving from Airbnb short term platform to longer term markets because people aren travelling, there could also be a bump as renters cut short their leases to move in with family or into new arrangements because they have lost their income.Homads, a monthly rental listings startup, reported a 500 per cent, month on month increase in site visits in mid March, and Kopa, which also specializes in monthly rentals, saw a tenfold increase in hosts and listings.At the City of Vancouver, chief licence inspector Kathryn Holm said there been some anecdotal information, but we are not seeing data to support that. Many of the operators who are making the shift from a short term rental (to a long term one) may have been ineligible to operate a short term rental (to begin with) because these were not their principal residences. Said the city enforcement team continues to investigate 1,500 open case files of possible infractions of its bylaws, which allow for only principal residences to be used for short term rental listings on Airbnb.In a letter to the federal government, Airbnb said that about a third of hosts in Canada, who together had 170,000 active listings in late 2019, need Airbnb income in order to avoid foreclosure or being evicted from their homes wholesale nfl jerseys from china.